Usage and understanding Grammar is one of the primary requisites of learning English. In this article, we will discuss the usage of Grammar in the correct form. To begin with, you need to have to learn about Tenses. Tenses are certainly one of the fundamentals of learning Grammar. For instance, you need to write down a phrase with just a simple subject – verb – object structure. For example, I drink juices.

To understand it thoroughly, you need to make a chart with three rows of past, present, and future along with four columns having simple, continuous, perfect, and perfect continuous.

In all these boxes, you need to change the verb accordingly. For Instance, in the box Simple Present Tense, you will write; I drink juices, whereas, in Simple Past Tense Box, you will write, I drank juices. So, fill in all the boxes accordingly. All you need to do is check the verb, whether it is regular or regular. For instance, the three forms of the verb drink/drank/drunk.

• Now, make another chart with negative phrases. For Instance, I didn’t drink juices, or I had not drunk juices, etc.
• Now, make another chart with Interrogative sentences. For Instance, Did you drink fluids? Or Will you have been drinking juices?

You need to practice a lot with different verb types to attain expertise in it. Once you have acquired mastery in affirmative, negative, and interrogative structures, then you need to begin it associating each box with a time reference.

For instance, while speaking, you need to think about is what the verb tense.
I drink juices (Simple Present Tense) – When- every day, sometimes, once a week
I drank a Juice (Simple Past Tense) – When – yesterday, last week when I was a child
I’m going to drink a juice (Future simple Tense)– When- tomorrow, next month when I get home
I have swallowed a juice (Present Perfect Tense) – When – today, this week, this month, recently

If you connect the verb tense with the time, then making a sentence while speaking will be more uncomplicated and more comfortable. It would be advisable to make it a regular habit and use at least five verbs in a day. In this article, we have covered just usage of the verb.

There are various other conjugations such as modal verbs and passive voice. However, if you want to attain expertise in grammar, you must start with the usage of verb in different time intervals.

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