English is one of the most used languages across the globe, with the most extensive vocabulary in the world. For those who want to have complete expertise over this language need to consistently enhance their vocabulary as you will always encounter tons of new words. You need new ways to say already known words that’s the beauty of this language.

It is essential to make your vocabulary productive for fluent spoken English as learning new words every day will enhance the beauty of your language. If you are not residing in an English speaking country, then you do not have many opportunities available for improving your vocabulary. So, it is essential for you to develop various opportunities for yourself.

Here are some exciting tips to enhance your English speaking capabilities:

To begin with, you need to carry a word journal
Make a regular note of the Word of the Day
Watch English TV Shows
You must start reading English New papers and books
It would be advisable to speak to other English speakers

As we have discussed earlier that English has the most extensive vocabulary of any language. This is truly one of the richest and colorful accents.  The style is mostly influenced by Latin languages (especially French), Germanic languages (like Dutch, Danish, German and Frisian), and Celtic languages.

The most popular and commonly used language English has the ever-growing vocabulary, as it is influenced by several other words as well. For instance, people often use “please” for “poor favor” due to Spanish influence.

It is interesting to know that world-famous writer, Shakespeare has the individual contribution of more than 1,700 words to the English language. Another key factor behind the ever-growing vocabulary of English is an advancement in the Internet and technology.

It would be advisable to read an English thesaurus and check out synonyms. Interestingly, almost any word has several variations, which mean virtually the same. Hence, if you are passionate about this language, then you must have a rich vocabulary which will be a significant resource, especially while writing.

It would be advisable to keep a pocket-sized notebook always, which will help remember new words and write them down. Another trick to improve your vocabulary is by writing down five new words every day. You must keep reviewing the Scriptures every day until you make it’s a part of your vocabulary.

For those having advanced level English, write down something that will remind you of the new word’s definition. Keep learning new words and English idioms as this will make your language productive and refine.

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